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Fire Doors

Special purpose fire doors are often employed in buildings to reduce the overall risk of fire, particularly by preventing the spread of fire and smoke. In cases where they are improperly installed, employed, or tampered with, the risk of fire can be increased. Door closers  are sometimes used to ensure fire doors remain closed.

An additional risk in a fire is that doors may prevent access to  emergency services personnel in order to fight the fire, rescue occupants, etc.Door breaching may be required in these situations to gain access

Panic bars  are often used in buildings so that a door locked from the exterior can quickly and easily be opened from the inside in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Fire doors are designed to protect life in the event of fire related emergencies. While the causes of fire could be many – short circuits, gas leakage, explosion, and sheer negligence - what is critical is protection of the many human lives at risk.

The condition of use of fire doors is governed by National building codes in addition to directives of local fire fighting and municipal authorities. Designed for integrity, stability and insulation, these doors are available with paper honeycomb core as standard infill material. Other infill material are also available both generic and proprietary such as honeycomb wool, Rock wool based on the type, category and door design. These doors are rated for 60, 90,100,120 minutes fire rating. Tested to Indian and International standards Strategic Building system is one of India’s only manufacturer to offer IS, BS from a single source.

All doors are factory finished with powder coating polyurethane paint and are also available in wood finished.


Shutter Thickness: 60 mm
Infill: Honeycomb core

Door Sizes (maximum and minimum)

Type W / H Min (mm) Max (mm)
Single door opening (wall to wall) Width 443 1200
Single door opening (FFL to lintel) Height 750 2400
Double door opening (wall to wall) Width 900 2100
Double door opening (FFL to lintel) Height 750 2400