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Glazed Fire Partitions and Doors

Range of Glazed partitions and glazed Fire doors are recommended for use at Building Entrances, Lift lobbies, Server Rooms and Corridors. These products are finding a larger number of applications in today’s architectural design requirements.

These doors and partitions are designed to restrict the spread of fire and help to protect property and lives while significantly enhancing the aesthetics of the building. They allow architects design flexibility for larger amount of natural lighting and viewing in buildings without compromising on the safety and security of people.

These products are designed to meet and exceed the life safety requirements established by building codes across the world. The products are tested as per BS 476 (Part 22)

All fire doors are factory finished with powder coated polyurethane paint and can also be offered in Wood finished.


  • Auditoriums / Multiplexes
  • Software Parks 
  • Industrial Plants
  • Hotels / Restaurants
  • Zone Shopping Malls
  • Airports
  • Metro Railway Stations
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospital & Health care
  • Educational institutions 
  • Office entrances
Materials: galvonized steel (GI) and Stainless steel (304 Grade number 4 finish)
Sheet Thickness: Standard - 1.2 mm for the shutter and 1.6 mm for the frame

Door Preparation and Hardware

All doors are pre-engineered at the plant to receive prior selected hardware. The doors are delivered to customers along with hardware of approved or select brands meeting the respective fire standards.