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Rail and Stile Doors

Range of Rail & Stile Doors provide visual appeal & Aesthetics with high degree of design flexibility. These Doors offers design consistency whereby the requirement of Doors for the entire building can be factory finished and prepped with reinforcements to receive similar hardware across the entire project.

Rail & Stile Door offer larger transparency with the use of standard rails of 150 and 120mm. These Doors find applications as Office Entrances, Internal Doors , Shop Fronts and Residential apartments.

All doors are factory finished with powder coating polyurethane paint and are also available in wood finished.


Our scientific doors meet critical requirements of:

  • Auditoriums / Multiplexes
  • Software Parks
  • Industrial Plants
  • Hotels / Restaurants
  • Zone Shopping Malls
  • Airports
  • Metro Railway Stations
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospital & Health care
  • Educational institutions 
  • Office entrances
Materials: galvonized steel (GI) and Stainless steel (304 Grade number 4 finish)
Sheet Thickness: Standard – 0.8 mm for the shutter and 1.2 mm for the frame

Door Sizes (maximum and minimum)

Type W / H Min (mm) Max (mm)
Single door opening (wall to wall) Width 550 1200
Single door opening (FFL to lintel) Height 750 3000
Double door opening (wall to wall) Width 850 2314
Double door opening (FFL to lintel) Height 750 3000

Door Preparation and Hardware

All doors are pre-engineered at the plant to receive prior selected hardware. The doors are delivered to customers along with hardware of approved or select brands meeting the respective standards.